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Most of her subsequent non-fiction work first saw the light of day in The Inner Light Magazine and her inner development can be followed fairly straightforwardly from their titles. Avalon Of The Heart, Spiritualism In The Light Of Occult Science, Through The Gates Of Death, Practical Occultism In Daily Life, Mystical Meditations On The Collects, The Mystical Qabalah, and the novels The Winged Bull, The Goat-Foot God, The Sea Priestess. The novels were an attempt to give practical exemplification to the theoretical principles given in her important textbook "The Mystical Qabalah".

At the outbreak of war she continued in difficult circumstances, (including being bombed out of her headquarters temporarily), to keep the Fraternity going with a series of Weekly Letters and after the restructuring of the group in 1942 in readiness for the post-war epoch by a series of Monthly Letters, paper rationing having put a stop to magazine and book publication. She also continued work on the novel Moon Magic. Her writings of this time have been collected and edited by Gareth Knight under the titles of The Magical Battle Of Britain, An Introduction To Ritual Magic, The Circuit Of Force, and Principles of Hermetic Philosophy (which includes "Esoteric Principles of Astrology"). Teaching upon the Arthurian Tradition that she initiated at this time has been incorporated into The Secret Tradition In Arthurian Legend by Gareth Knight.

She died of leukemia at the Middlesex Hospital, London on January 8th 1946.

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