The Society of the Inner Light

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Home Work & Aims Dion Fortune Books Contact Us


Membership requires successful completion of the Supervised Study Course.

Alternatively, an Unsupervised Study Course is available to those who do not wish to be considered for membership.

Please note: any email requests for further details MUST include a mailing address, ie the house address where you live.

You will be sent a Questionnaire to complete which will be forwarded to the Director of Studies. If you are accepted as a supervised student you will be sent Part One, which consists of ten lessons that take about five months work. This includes keeping a daily record of meditation on specified subjects to send in with the Course work every fortnight.

Following satisfactory completion of Part One, further parts follow with a different type of practical exercise and  systematic work on Dion Fortune`s "The Mystical Qabalah" and "The Cosmic Doctrine" . Each of these parts consists of lessons again to be submitted at fortnightly intervals. Study course fees are £20 for each part.

Upon satisfactory completion of these you may apply for membership of the Society, when normally a personal interview will be arranged. At the same time a short Threshold Course will be provided (by correspondence) as preparation for the practical work that lies ahead after admittance.

{Requirements for Membership}

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