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The Study Courses

The teaching material of Part 1 is set out in printed form.

The teaching material of Part 2 consists of the chapters in Dion Fortune’s Mystical Qabalah and includes papers consisting of questions on the chapters to be studied.  Supervised students must answer these questions, but those studying the Unsupervised Course do as they please, but in any event they do not submit their work to the Society.  These questions are designed to draw attention to the various aspects of the work being studied.

The form of Part 3 of the Course is the same as that of Part 2, except that the material studied is the second part of the Mystical Qabalah..

The form of Part 4 of the Course uses the text: The Cosmic Doctrine.

At the end of each part of the Course the student is required to write an essay, and these are included in the Unsupervised Course because they will no doubt be a help in drawing the Student’s attention to the main parts of the teaching.  As with the instructions above, the unsupervised student is not to send these essays to the Society; if this is done, the work will be returned.

Cheques and postal orders for the Unsupervised Study Course fee must be in pounds sterling (£20.00) and made payable to the SOCIETY OF THE INNER LIGHT.   This does not include the price of the two text books.

From time to time the Society issues a Journal; four issues a year at £16.00 for those living in the U.K. and £20.00 for those living elsewhere, including postage and packing.   Those who would like to go on our mailing list should let us know and send a cheque in pounds sterling to cover one year’s subscription.      

The Supervised Study Course is sent at the discretion of The Director of Studies upon completing the questionnaire satisfactorily.  When accepted, the cost of the Supervised Course is £20 – though this does not include the price of the two text books.

The basic text books are:

The Mystical Qabalah, by Dion Fortune

The Cosmic Doctrine , by Dion Fortune

Students are strongly recommended to read Dion Fortune’s Practical Occultism in Daily Life, Sane Occultism, Esoteric Orders and Their Work, and The Training and Work of an Initiate.  These books are generally available from most leading booksellers.

There are two options:

The Supervised Study Course (for U.K./EU Residents)

This is available for the instruction of students resident in Great Britain or the EU, although exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Director of Studies.

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The Unsupervised Study Course (for non-U.K./EU Residents)

The Study Course has two aspects, information and training.  The discipline relates especially to the training of the Mind and imagination by means of certain exercises.  As it is inadvisable to do these without supervision, the Unsupervised version of the Course does not include them but consists only of the information or teaching aspect.  However, this teaching is exactly the same as that of the Supervised version.

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