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The Unsupervised Study Course

The Unsupervised Study Course (for non-U.K./EU Residents)

The Study Course has two aspects, information and training.  The discipline relates especially to the training of the Mind and imagination by means of certain exercises.  As it is inadvisable to do these without supervision, the Unsupervised version of the Course does not include them but consists only of the information or teaching aspect.  However, this teaching is exactly the same as that of the Supervised version.

Those wishing to enrol for the Unsupervised Course are asked to submit a written application to:

The Secretariat,

The Society of the Inner Light,

38 Steele’s Road,


NW3 4RG,

United Kingdom.

Please ensure that you include your own name and address, plus email address.

Cheques and postal orders for the Unsupervised Study Course fee must be in pounds sterling (£20.00) and made payable to the SOCIETY OF THE INNER LIGHT.   This does not include the price of the two text books.

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