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Various Mystery Schools from Ancient Egypt onwards have maintained the tradition.

The principle work of the Western Esoteric Tradition is expansion of consciousness.  It deals with the ‘ground of all being’, unmanifest, beyond time and space, which differentiates countless nodes of being evolving through a manifest universe.

The purpose of these nodes of being is to realise the Divine Intention, which as a play is an image in the mind of the playwright until the actors make it real in performance.

It is for us to recognise and handle constructively what flows from this proposition.  The Divine Intention is concerned with the true purpose and destiny of each one of us.

To achieve this we train our members in the Qabalah, Bible and with ritual, as well as daily usages, including meditation.

The Mysteries are a specialist aspect of religion, and their main concern is regeneration of the individual by his/her own efforts.  This is ‘condensed evolution’, and we run risks and reap rewards as forerunners in the van of progress.

The Society is united by a common dedication in the process of evolutionary character training, that each individual may become a talismanic leavening centre in the life of the Nation.

This is a matter of the heart, not only of the mind, but without this grounding a member would not be able to play a full part in our work.

Regeneration involves change; when successful, we change ourselves.  Our members need the balance and experience to adjust to changed viewpoints on all kinds of relationships, not forgetting those closest to us and beyond are affected by these changes.

An initiate becomes; he is not manufactured.  It is a gradual process of organic interior development and not through any ceremony or external process (though these may and indeed do help).

Great knowledge, strength or ability do not make a person an initiate.  Many are already initiated before the ceremony; while others after passing through it are not, lacking the necessary inner growth.   For them, that possibility lies in the future.  {Click Here for Next Page}

The Society of the Inner Light is a registered religious Charity within the Western Esoteric Tradition.  This ‘Tradition’ is also known as the ‘Wisdom Religion’, ‘The Mysteries’.  One Christian definition of a ‘Mystery’ being a truth beyond reason.

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