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Home Work & Aims Dion Fortune Books Contact Us

About the Society

The Society of the Inner Light’s prime purpose is to maintain and expand the bridge that exists between outer life in the world and spiritual forces upon the inner planes.

It was founded in 1924 by Dion Fortune – Violet Mary Firth – at the instance of an inner plane Master.  That is to say by a spiritual being who, having experienced and learned the lessons of life on Earth, has no further need physically to incarnate and has undertaken to help humanity progress by giving spiritual insights to those who are attuned to receive them.  The general aim of this is the balanced earthing of spiritual principles under the general headings of Power, Love and Wisdom.

Dion Fortune’s career began as a student of psychology, but she developed an interest in esoteric theory and practice as a result of psycho-spiritual experiences through the development of her natural psychic gifts, which made her more readily aware of the worlds of causation behind physical appearances, normally beyond physical perception.

Her major inner plane contacts were first made at Glastonbury, a charged spiritual centre with Christian spiritual roots centered upon the Abbey, legendary roots centered upon its Arthurian and Grail legends, and Elemental roots centered upon the Tor and surrounding hills.

One result of her experience and research was a number of books.  An early important one, ‘dictated’ from inner plane sources, is The Cosmic Doctrine, which describes in symbolic terms the divine creative process, from its cosmic inception to its expression in human and universal evolution.  Another is The Mystical Qabalah, an exposition of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which clearly explains the pattern of spiritual and psychic forces which play through the universe and which form the make-up of every human being.

She soon attracted a group of followers and over the years produced teaching on a wide range of metaphysical subjects, including masculine and feminine relationships, the esoteric orders and their work, the training and work of an initiate, the Arthurian legends, principles of esoteric healing, and much else besides.  The Society continues to attract a steady stream of dedicated men and women, most of whom have acquired a degree of practical realisation of the worlds behind appearances through their natural or trained psychic abilities and/or intuitive powers.  {Click Here for Next Page)

The Society, the mundane vehicle of the Fraternity, is a registered Charity, overseen for practical day-to-day purposes by a Council of Management.

Apart from the pre-admission Study Course fees, there are no mandatory financial charges required of members, only biannual voluntary donations, but volunteers for practical service are always welcome when needed as Study Course supervisors, part-time office workers and those who can contribute to the maintenance of the house and grounds.

The Society has a web site:

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The Society has no close links with others professing similar goals at this time, though it recognises that it may not be alone in pursuing these.

Work & Aims

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