The Society of the Inner Light

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Three Basic Elements

Admission is open to both men and women who have successfully passed a Study Course, by correspondence, which usually takes a year to complete.  It is designed to give an adequate knowledge of the Tree of Life of the Qabalah and involves a meditation discipline and the submission of regular written work at fortnightly intervals, followed by a short interview.

Preference is given to U.K. or EU based residents who have to some degree demonstrated that they have established a life for themselves in the outer world.  Exceptions outside this can be made at the discretion of the Director of Studies.  The Society should in no way be regarded as a refuge for the distressed from life’s battles or a lonely hearts club.  Applicants should usually be not less than twenty-five, though there can be exceptions.

The religious standpoint of the teaching of the Society is Christian, although with no particular denominational bias.  In no way do we encourage sectarianism, fanaticism or bigotry.  What we look for most of all is sincerity and dedication, and a desire to seek and give a life of service to the betterment of the human condition and enlightened stewardship of the environment.

Those with a hidden agenda who believe that the practice of ‘magic’ will help them with their mundane life, personal desires, fears or ambitions, should look elsewhere.  The Society is not for them and admission, if achieved, would only disappoint them.  After admission, training continues through Three Degrees of the so-called ‘Lesser Mysteries’ which are broadly based upon traditional Masonic symbolism.  These are designed to develop and strengthen character, to give experience of ceremonial working, and to develop the visionary powers of the mind as a means towards attaining higher consciousness.  The work of each Degree is unlikely to be achieved in less than a year.  Academic course work continues along with a meditation discipline and regular practical group working which takes place once a month.

Those who successfully pass through this process, which tends to bring about the tests of character that are expressed in the circumstances of daily life, may elect to move on to the ‘Greater Mysteries’, which are concerned with developing consciousness at the level of the Evolutionary Personality and ultimately the Spirit.  This is the level of the adept as a natural progression from that of the Lesser Mystery Initiate.  Here specialised work may be undertaken under the direction of the inner plane hierarchy. {Click Here for Next Page}

In keeping with Qabalistic teaching, the Society considers that the whole human being consists of three basic elements:

1. The Incarnationary Personality which is the normal human personality that we develop from birth and which is formed and influenced by a variety of factors, hereditary, environmental, cultural, educational and so on.

2. The Evolutionary Personality (sometimes also known as the Soul, Individuality, or Higher Self) which encompasses the essence of experience of previous lives.  Its influence may well be the positive demonstration of unique abilities at one or many levels, the downside of which may be the need for lessons in life yet to be learned.

3. The Divine Spark or Spirit which emanates both the Incarnationary and Evolutionary Personalities, which should be its servants.  Needless to say, direct awareness of this state may not be achieved immediately and the reality of its existence may seem imperceptible, even though our very existence depends upon it.  Its full expression would be likely to produce sanctity or genius, and at the present stage of the world is a somewhat rare condition.

The overall work of the Society is to develop its members to their highest potential through the development of higher consciousness and balanced expression of the whole integrated being in physical life on earth.

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