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Home Work & Aims Dion Fortune Books Contact Us


The initial task is the training of character through constructive application of regenerative principles; each individual preparing for new life by sustained work on him/herself.  This work is not merely limited to self-improvement, although that in any case helps develop the national and racial group of which we form a part.

To improve a part necessarily improves the whole.  We seek to work with the Group Mind of our race and national community, and to do so each must be imbued with the cultural heritage of every Briton, or be part of the Western Heritage.

Therefore we expect our members to be familiar with the British and European myths and legends, our fairy tales and our nursery rhymes, for these are the ancient expressions of the visions and desires of the people of the Western Heritage.

The core and essence of the Mysteries is Regeneration, the Great Work which “God undertakes  in the soul of Man” and described as the dynamic process of God revealing Himself; and through each one of us.

This work is necessarily demanding, requires dedication and is a way of life which means living ordinary, everyday life ‘with intention’.

As indicated above, every member works on himself, but the individual effort is talismanic, the little leaven that leaveneth the whole – and the power of the leaven is greatly increased when a group of dedicated individuals work together for the same end.

And so the individual works on himself, but not for himself alone; recognising himself as a Spirit of the Human Evolutionary Swarm or Life-wave, and the work done on himself is work for the Swarm.  Thus the aspirant works on himself, indeed, but in the service of God, man and all that lives.

Another objective of the Group’s work is to help lay the foundation for the Aquarian Age and create the conditions needed for its successful birth.

The Group is concerned with the work of the Mysteries.  This aims at producing quality and can best be described as character training.  An occult operation begins at the causative level, relatively hidden or occult to produce results on the physical plane – Malkuth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

Ritual and ‘inner plane’ contacts open the door to extended experience; not as a end in itself but its application in the service of that regenerative path that creates a better, wiser and more honest individual. {Click Here for Next Page}

The Society supports commonly understood basic Christian ethics and morality.  Membership admits to the contacts of the Western Esoteric Tradition.

The Group has no branches nor authorised representatives and expresses no opinion on other groups.

We train in the use of the Qabalah and the Tree of Life based on The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune.

Also the inspirational Cosmic Doctrine as a means of student self-education; this material being abstruse and speculative rather than dogmatic.  It outlines the principle governing the Inner Plane Adepti or ‘Masters’.

In addition a fair general background knowledge is needed which must include some familiarity with mythology and psychology as well as religious literature as a prelude to specialisation.

Life experience is equally essential.  This Group aims at practical working, but acceptance for training to this end depends not only on passing the Study Course, but the suitability of candidates in a wider field.

The current evolutionary phase is especially concerned with the mind and its development, control and application in all walks of life.

The ability to think clearly, unaffected by emotion, must be added to the capacity to feel deeply.

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