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Putting into practice may take a long time, but a great part of a member’s contribution to the work is to be competently and safely effected with harmonious fulfilment and freedom from pathological imbalances.  Basically the conditions are:

  1. Order in all aspects of one’s life, including subjective aspects; but in particular tidiness, punctuality, cleanliness and more for order is the essential prerequisite for perfect form.  (THE ETHIC OF MALKUTH IS ORDER.)
  2. Considerate and courteous behaviour.
  3. Good citizenship – fulfilling the responsibilities of citizenship and being a good neighbour.
  4. Self-discipline, honesty and the willingness to take responsibility for oneself and one’s way of life; the willingness to accept admonition; and the determination to change where necessary.
  5. Fulfilment of responsibilities to which one is committed, as bringing up a family in suitable and harmonious conditions and providing for these; running a business or playing one’s part as an employee and member of a work-force.
  6. The capacity to commit oneself to a way of life.
  7. Solvency.  To support/maintain oneself and one’s dependents.
  8. Receptivity to recommended teaching and testing it through experimental application.
  9. Willingness to learn and apply.  (Many do not really seek to learn, but to criticise. Some only disagree lacking the willingness to let go of preconceived ideas and learn. Without willingness to apply the experience, sound judgement is often flawed.)                               
  10. Willingness to think things through; that is, to consider the implications and possible results of one’s behaviour or of an intended action.

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Opportunities are given, and Initiation into the Mysteries is a ‘quickening process’ , but the individual has to walk every step of the way himself and take full responsibility for himself and his life.  ‘Initiation’ is not into this Group but through this Group into the Mysteries.

Suitability includes such ‘inner kingdom’ factors as character, attitude, sustained dedication and application; realising one is constantly self-training; a capacity to learn and apply to the life the training and conditioning.  Commitment must be wholehearted yet not fanatical; a lukewarm attitude only hinders, does not help.

The sincere effort of any individual of a particular ‘type’ helps redeem that type collectively.  The effort of individual members build the collective work of the whole Group, thus assisting the redemption of Humanity collectively.

Those who come seeking ‘Occultism’ are apt to consider character training (which means they have to do the work themselves) as no training.

Let us make clear conditions necessary to be manifested  in the life of the Individual.  They are geared to the needs of the work, what is essential for its purposes and goals to be achieved always based on the foundations of the Group and its work; its fundamental orientation and reason for existence, which involves the fundamental orientation of every member.

These characteristics must be recognisable and demonstrable in everyday life, for there is a big gap between knowing about, or even agreeing with, a principle or condition and its practice.

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