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The Three Rays

(2) The Green Ray

On the Green Ray, man seeks God in Nature and worships Him there, saying, ‘How can I know That which transcends knowledge?  Nonetheless, I can feel life urge within me, and that life is of God.  Therefore I will worship God where He may be found – in the life-urge within my veins, in the inebriation of the subliminal self.’  Thus energised, the god within rises up and knows the Very God after his own manner.

Then shall God show Himself to men in His glorious works.  For the god within, being lifted up and exalted to ecstasy with a divine inebriation, perceives the God Without in hill and herb and elemental force, for thus God manifests and works upon the Plane of Nature.

Achieving that Divine Ectasy is the method and discipline of the Way of the Green Ray.   And it is an inebriation of the soul, not of the flesh.   An inebriation of colour, sound and motion that lift the senses out of the flesh into a wider vision, for Dionysius is a Messiah as well as the Christ, and the soul can transcend the mind by sublimating the senses as well as by renouncing, and some find God on this Path as truly as by the Way of the Cross.

But this Path also has its dangers, for it tends to turn in upon itself and issue whence it came.  It may become a fixed state and not a Path, and the soul lingering there may be overtaken by night.   There the Subconscious Self may worship the Old Gods and possibly escape from the synthesis which is man and become lost in a limbo of forgotten things to wander in obscurity.

So how shall a man choose wisely neither to over-reach himself in pride and rashness beyond his strength, nor fall below the stature of his manhood and become as a beast that perishes?  And why should these pitfalls exist for our unwary feet when we seek to draw the Highest?   Know all souls are not of equal age; some have advanced quickly while others have lagged; and some have come here through other evolutions.  Would you close the door against those whose needs are other than yours?

The paths to God are many.  Your need may be one thing and your desire another, say the Masters.

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The Three Paths before you are separate in method and discipline, yet one in their ultimate synthesis.  They are the three faces of the Pyramid of Spirit and according to how you view this Pyramid, it will appear either as the Mystic, the Hermetic or the Path of the Green Ray.  When you have climbed to the apex, you will see the three are in fact one.

(1) The Purple Ray

If your way is devotional, you will incline to the Mystic Path.   If that of will and wisdom, that is the Hermetic Path.  If your way is that of the love of beauty and its expression, you will incline to the Green Ray.   But remember, what seems to you a Path is in very truth a Pyramid.

Consider the nature of these three Paths.  On the Mystic Path the Ego casts aside everything that separates it from God.  It seeks to know even as it is known; and the mind cannot know God.  It even casts away the mind to enter into the Divine Union.  All that is not God to it is dross; and it purges and re-purges the soul until nothing remaineth but pure spirit.

This is a steep and narrow way, though swift and sure.  The danger lies in the fact you may enter it before you are ready for this ‘cleansing’ process.  No one can dismiss any of God’s gifts until they have absorbed their essence.  Do not try to escape life’s problems by this route in renouncing what you can neither confront nor overcome.

Therefore, do not consider pursuing this Path prematurely, for you will lose more time by its steepness than gain by the direct assault.  Don’t be misled by spiritual ambition, nor by the spirit of emulation.  These have drawn many astray.

None may come to this Path until almost at the end of their evolution in matter.  Until the lessons of matter are learned, they may not abandon matter.

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