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The Three Rays

Other Concerns

At root every man is a Spirit manifesting in earth conditions, in Malkuth, in Qabalistic terms, and it is necessary to practise the recognition of the true Being, the Spirit, without a body, for this will help one become aware not only of one’s own Presence but also of the Presence of one’s fellow men.

This way one cannot only learn compassion through realisation of the gap yet existing between the Spirit and its manifestation, but also learn of the God-conditioned consciousness which is innate in everyone however deeply overlaid with misconceptions, stupidities, and egotistical outlook mostly due to erroneous conditioning.

Recognition of one’s true Identity is not egotism. Egotism separates and isolates.  Identity relates and unifies.

As yet, however, Man is not complete and is therefore unbalanced and not fully developed, for certain aspects of his nature are not able to unfold until there is sufficient purity, stability and efficient functioning in those aspects of which he is aware.

All need to be much more alert and honest, especially about themselves, the sort of life they lead and their environment.  One should discover or decide the kind of life one wishes to commit oneself to and having made such a commitment, carry it out efficiently and so live a worthwhile life.

Alertness includes recognition of conditions we have outgrown – for we often err if we unnecessarily continue in them.  So anyone seeking Initiation must examine himself and his life from all aspects in order that, understanding his present-time condition, he may assess his situation and decide wisely what is the next step for him in real terms.

In examining himself and his conditions he must seek to discover his heart’s desire, his deepest yearnings, and to what path he can commit himself that will lead to them.  The Initiate is one who aspires to pay the price for condensed evolution since the treading of the Path is the particular form of service to which he is drawn.

To the would-be initiate such an examination may bring the realisation that there are many things he has to adjust or develop before he can take that further step.  In this case the decision should be to get down to these things during the present lifetime, fulfil his responsibilities therein and thus aid his growth – he will be happy then through being on the right path.  {Click Here for Next Page}

(3) The Hermetic Path

God in His wisdom has ordained a Middle Way that those who seek Him may find Him.   The mystic exalts his consciousness from the level of Concrete Spirit to unite himself with That which transcends consciousness, while the pantheist exalts his consciousness from the level of the emotions so he too may likewise unite.  These are our elder and younger brethren.

But what of a man of this day, given the mind as his instrument?  By exalting his mind shall he not so find his God?  This is the Path ordained for this epoch, and to such an end are the Mysteries designed.

Tread then the Middle Way, avoiding exaltation upon the one hand and atavism upon the other (there are few for whom these are Ways of Initiation).  In humility and humanity achieve the goal of your epoch, as God’s law has ordained for you.  Use the mind God gave you to reach up and realise the things of the spirit upon the one hand, and reach down and control the things of the senses on the other.  Thus you shall stand equilibrated between them, as the Initiated Adept.

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