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Further Requirements

The individual goal is the flowering of the Spirit in earth and the experiencing of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, yielding a happy and fulfilled, creative, individual.

It calls for the recognition that until Man is rightly related to Divinity as well as to all that lives, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot manifest on earth, and that it is Man’s purpose and responsibility aided by all other living consciousnesses comprising the Kingdom of God to bring this about.  It is an honest life of service, lived according to fundamental principles.  There is a blessing on all who serve.

The necessary commitment for treading the Path is to Spirit and the experiences resulting from it will not be static as to life or as to associations.  Like everything in life, the Path is concerned with relationship, so let us seek to increase our understanding of the relationship between religion and the Mysteries.

To be a member in this Group, one must have experience and some reality on the fundamentals of religion, no further growth being possible until this is achieved.  (One can also seek the Path as a result of suffering and confusion and unhappiness and failure to handle life in a satisfactory way.  Intuitively there is recognition of the Path and the desire to give service, and one becomes a seeker.  In due course what was mostly in the subconscious is brought into consciousness, and a decision is made.)

The Mysteries are concerned with the Lords of Civilisation and the cultures which cleanse men from barbarism, and through intuition guide the apprehension of truths beyond the visible.  The Mysteries include the Humanities, being concerned with human nature as well as divine nature.  All life is concerned with evolution, and the evolving man seeks the substance of life which is the essential nature, underlying phenomena, and this pertains to divine creativity.  It involves the ‘unmanifest’ becoming ‘manifest’.  The Word made flesh is an example of this.

Students of the Western Tradition are fortunate in having not only the literature of the Western culture through myth, legend, pagan religions and Christianity, but also the Qabalah and the Tree of Life to use to deepen the contacts and understanding of all matters concerning wholeness and evolution of the soul and all life.

The seeker of the Path seeks wholeness and hungers after those things by which we truly live, but he is also concerned with condensed evolution as this is his commitment.  He cooperates with that great work which God undertakes in the soul of man – to wit, regeneration – to invest life with a new and spiritual nature, to breathe new and more vigorous and extended meaning into life, to bring into being a renewed state of existence. {Click Here for Next Page}

An old tradition was that nobody should be accepted for Initiation until he had fulfilled all the duties of citizenship which included solvency, the bringing up and launching into the world of children, and contribution to civic life.  Basically the principles underlying this tradition still operate.

Therefore, if married couples or a single partner apply for membership of this Group, commitments and responsibilities have to be made clear.  Some of the questions on the Questionnaire are designed to elicit this information.

There is the Path of the Hearth Fire, which is a path of service essential to the race and those committed thereto are free to follow the Path of Initiation only if the functions of the Path of the Hearth Fire are fulfilled, since a genuine Mystery Group inevitably requires time and energy to be dedicated by its members to its work and purposes.  It should be realised, however, that those who serve through the Path of the Hearth Fire are indeed giving service.

There may be those who have other responsibilities to which they are committed before they seek membership.  These, too, cannot be abrogated, and all such matters have to be carefully considered and taken into account.

In the process of growing up one needs all-round experience and sufficient assimilation of experience to be mature enough to be in a condition to decide one’s choice of a path in life and the purpose of the life of that choice.  It is only when one is really individualised and has attained a considerable degree of knowledge of himself that he can make such a choice.

The individual may not always like The Way, which can be painful as well as joyous and expansive, and which calls for sacrifice and humility as well as self-responsibility, discipline, efficiency and achievement, but progress in living such a life is inevitable.

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